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year end writing meme

happy new year's day! here is that year end writing meme.

Total number of completed stories: 21
Total word count: 90,780
Fandom breakdown:

A Song of Ice and Fire
Babel; Robb/Theon, Ex. 6,040 words.
During the storm of the Crag, Theon takes an arrow that was meant for Robb.

Becoming; Sansa&Catelyn, G. 2,080 words.
After the war, Sansa visits Riverrun.

Blood Thrives; Ygritte, T. 4,000 words.
First man to try to steal her thinks better of it before he’s finished the deed.

Contrasts; Brienne/Sansa, M. 1,750 words.
A queen and her knight, in the aftermath of an attack.

Indigo; Oberyn/Daario, Ex. 4,450 words.
Daario is a young sellsword in Oberyn’s new company, and subtlety is not one of his arts.

Integrated Honey; Brienne/Sansa, T. 3,500 words.
“Have you ever been kissed, ser?”

Legacies; Arianne/Daenerys, T. 2,500 words.
Arianne seeks out the queen across the Narrow Sea.

Legends in the Pale; Sansa&Catelyn, G. 3,500 words.
Modern AU, Starks as werewolves. An early morning conversation between tiny Sansa and Cat.

Old Habits; Brienne/Catelyn, G. 2,080 words.
Prelude to a first date.

Rumour Has It; Margaery/Sansa, G. 7,630 words.
Harry Potter-fusion AU where all of the great houses are prominent pureblood families. Slytherin!Margaery and Ravenclaw!Sansa as star-crossed lovers.

Simplicity in the Woods; Margaery/Sansa, T. 12,880 words.
Modern AU, Starks as werewolves. Sansa juggles the family condition and her growing attraction to her classmate.

The Stone Queen; Shireen/Arya, T. 8,810 words.
Queen Shireen of House Baratheon. Long may she reign.

Too Much to Claim; Robb/Theon, G. 1,400 words.
Robb and Theon are unable to get to sleep without holding hands.

Two Weeks; Asha/Arianne, Ex. 2,250 words.
Who knows why the political meetings between the Princess of Dorne and the Lady Reaper of the Iron Islands are always so long, but the alliance between the two kingdoms is certainly thriving.

Unwrapped; Margaery/Sansa, Ex. 4,150 words.
For Sansa’s birthday, Margaery ties a golden bow round her waist, cuffs herself to the bed, and waits.

Heroes of Olympus/Percy Jackson
Un Peu d'Amour, un Brin de Miel; Frank/Hazel, G. 6,150 words.
For her seventeenth birthday, Frank takes Hazel to Paris.

Original Work
Another Decalogue; Superheroine/Supervillainess, M. 3,320 words.
The news has been out for weeks.

Snowpiercer/Orange is the New Black
Necessity; Nicky/Lorna, M. 1,600 words.
Nicky is home for the holidays. In a way.

This Messiah Needs Watching; Various, T. 4,800 words.
Snapshots. Five hours, five years, an eternal train.

Most Precious; Saxa/Sibyl, M. 4,200 words.
This one’s heart, she thinks, will break easily.

The Last of Us
Option Three; Ellie/Riley, T. 5,770 words.
AU where Ellie is the only one bitten during their altercation with the Runners.

and about 20,000 words worth of WIPs in ASOIAF, Sleepy Hollow and SNK.

Overall Thoughts:

Looking back, did you write more fic than you thought you would this year, less, or about what you'd predicted? less. i wrote a lot in 2013, and sort of expected to surpass myself. i have a bunch of wips that i really wanted and completely expected to finish, but time was against me i guess.

What pairing/genre/fandom did you write that you would never have predicted in January? pjo/hoo, probably. i NEVER expected to get this invested in these books. look at me now.

What's your own favourite story of the year? another decalogue, probably. i wouldn't have said so a few months ago but idk. i like it. i like that it's so different from the stuff i normally write. it's a horrible story content-wise and themes-wise but i like it because i too am terrible. it's been some time since i've created all new original characters and i quite like these girls. i have an idea for an epilogue thing, actually. revisiting it should be interesting.

What's the WIP you really wanted, but didn't get to finish? an asoiaf/atla crossover that's currently over 10,000 words. i was really excited about it at first, but i've sort of fizzled out on it, alas.

Did you take any writing risks this year? What did you learn from them? i don't think so. other than another decalogue, which breaks the mould of my usual 'la la fluff, la la lots of carefree ladies, la la flimsy plot for the sake of character interaction'. i mean it still had a lot of those elements, but it was generally darker than my usual fare. i tend to stay away from dark stuff.

Do you have any fanfic or profic goals for the new year? last year when i did this meme i said something about wanting to rectify the overwhelming whiteness of my fic. i kind of failed at that (6 fics out of 21 involve characters of colour in a main role) so i guess i'll just... commit to this again. and writing a lot for femfeb!

From my past year of writing, what was...

My best story of this year: becoming. there are a few things i would go back and change/add but... i think that it is really good.

My most popular story of this year: rumour has it. people like harry potter fusions, i guess. that or it got recced by a bnf or something.

Story of mine most under-appreciated by the universe, in my opinion: un peu d'amour, un brin de miel. please read this fic about my babies in paris.

Most fun story to write: simplicity in the woods! i'm in my element when i write cute aus, and this was a lot of tropey fun. which is hopefully turning into a series!

Story with the single sexiest moment: uhhhhh another decalogue. smdh.

Most "holy crap, that's wrong, even for you" story: eh, don't think i wrote anything that fits that description. again, another decalogue is kinda dark, but not overly so.

Story that shifted my own perceptions of the characters: this messiah needs watching. i didn't think much of gilliam from the get-go, (for various reasons, maybe i'll talk about them one day) and i think i sort of came to dislike him a bit more, haha. also i only saw that interview where swinton talks about mason's gender pretty late in the game, but i immediately stuck it into the fic, and things just changed along the way and he became less of a caricature and more of a character to me. still terrible, but you know. fwiw, i headcanon him as non-binary and preferring he/him/his. everyone i wrote about in this fic went through a change in my mind, really. it's a new fandom and i was feeling my way about, trying to get a handle on everyone. so yeah, as i went through the writing process, a lot of my perceptions changed from what i had thought/felt immediately post-movie .

Longest story: simplicity in the woods. even longer with the coda.

Shortest story: too much to claim. 2 nerds, 1 bed.

Hardest story to write: most precious was somehow very difficult for me to get out. i knew what i wanted to happen and how, it was just really slow-going and i found that a few bits ended up reading as very forced. idk. i like it but idk.

Biggest disappointment: ! nothing, actually. i tried v. hard to think of something, went through all my fic, but no... nothing i'm hugely disappointed in. good job me?

Biggest surprise: necessity. i wanted to write this story from the SECOND my recip mentioned a crossover between the two fandoms but i honestly did not think i would have the time to get it out. happily, i did!

Most unintentionally telling story: not going to answer this on the grounds that etc etc.

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