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Dear Femslash Exchange Writer

Hello friend!

First all, thank you so much for writing this fic for me. I really appreciate it, and I hope you have a great time making it. Other than my deal-breakers, you don't need to feel constricted by anything that I've noted down here. I've requested these fandoms and ships because I'm really invested in them all, in one way or another, and I'd be happy to receive fic for any of them. Write something that you'd enjoy yourself!

All right, let's get down to business, defeat some Huns.

General likes: (please feel free to include) friendships, friendships that develop into romance, introspection, character studies, domestic fluff, mystery, family relationships. I like future fic and modern AUs and canon divergent AUs, in the vein of 'what if she didn't die, what if this happened instead of that'. Feel free to explore any and all of your trans and/or nonbinary headcanons. I'm quite fond of fusion AUs as well, so if an idea strikes you that you can combine with Harry Potter, His Dark Materials or Pacific Rim, go for it!

General dislikes: (please try to avoid) rape/dubcon (discussing or mentioning them is fine), A/B/O, character bashing, first person pov, super depressing/sad endings. I don't need out and out fluff, but I'd definitely prefer something that ends happily/hopefully. If infidelity is a part of the story, I'd prefer that you didn't concentrate on it too much.

I'm fine with any rating. You certainly don't need to feel obligated to write porn, but if you'd like to, the closest thing I have to a bulletproof kink is light, consensual D/s. But again, don't feel obliged to include it. I'm squicked by scat/watersports, emphasis on any kind of bodily fluid, especially spit.

All right, let's get into fandom/ship specifics. Once again, these are more like guidelines. I've included some totally optional quotes with each fandom, just in case you need/want the extra inspiration. (They're all Hozier lyrics. I'm... going through a phase.)

A Song of Ice and Fire

she burns like rum on a fire [x]

Something I've been thinking about a lot is fostering, and how it can change personalities and relationships, and I think it could be interesting with a couple of the ships I've requested. In Asha/Alysane, it'd be cool to see something where Asha is fostered to the Mormonts when Theon is shipped off to the Starks after the Greyjoy Rebellion. For Myrcella/Arya, I'd love something where Myrcella is sent to live with the Starks in preparation for, idk, her and Robb's wedding. While she and Arya clash a bit at first, they end up becoming really close.

As for Asha/Sansa and Brienne/Sansa, I'm all about Sansa being swept off her feet, so pretty much anything with these ships would be great. You can do something with the fostering angle if you'd like to, or some kind of bodyguard au (canon or modern era are both fine with me) would be allllll the way up my alley.


The Raven Cycle

we tried the world; good god, it wasn't for us [x]

Calla/Persephone/Maura is the stuff of my dreams. Witchy lady ot3! I imagine them as having a very close-knit, but at the same time casual/open relationship. I'd love anything that explores that, or the different ways they parent. Oooooh, and I can never say no to get-together fic, maybe when they were all younger?

Helen/Orla is potentially so much fun. (And I feel like there's a lot that could be written based on the 'we'll steal her lexus' bit of the song.) Orla probably doesn't fall for people very often; what's it like when she does? How does Helen react to all this witchy Welsh weirdness? Honestly, anything for this ship would delight me.


Dragon Age

she gives me toothaches just from kissing me [x]

I love Isabela, she's my very favourite, and I love her even more when she's being kind to and looking out for younger women. Both Isabela/Merrill and Isabela/Bethany are very dear to me. I'd love to see either ship getting separated from Hawke and the gang, and having a small adventure on their own. Or anything mundane hanging around Kirkwall, where Isabela shows her protective side. Or takes them shopping. :)

Ser Cauthrien/Anora hits every single knight/lady kink I have. Give me anything, honestly: how Anora earned the trust and loyalty of her father's most devoted knight, Ser Cauthrien watching Anora rule over her husband's kingdom from the sidelines and being impressed, a bodyguard-ish situation on a journey. The more knightly and courtly love tropes, the better!

(General sidenote for this fandom: I have yet to play Inquisition, so please avoid any spoilers! <3)


Orange is the New Black

i feel like a person for a moment of my life [x]

The moment Poussey/Brook started even slightly happening I kind of screamed. They're such sweethearts. A five things fic would be cute, like maybe five things Poussey doesn't understand about Brook, and one thing she gets immediately. Or vice versa! Oh, or a nice cuddling fic would be sweet. ;;

As for Flaca/Maritza, I am totally down with the headcanon that Maritza is secretly in love with her bff. Tell me about how it started, how she feels about it, how it's progressed, and maybe how she finally tells Flaca how she feels? I'd also super love anything slice of life-y for this ship, too. What's a day like, when they're just hanging around Litchfield together?


Percy Jackson Universe

shaking the wings of their terrible youths [x]

If I could, I'd bottle Clarisse/Silena, spray all over me every morning and yell "AESTHETIC!" What a good ship. If you'd like to do a war-era fic, one that highlights the Achilles/Patroclus parallels in their relationship, or an AU where Silena doesn't die, and has to deal with the ramifications of her actions... I'd adore that.


And there we go. Good luck my dear! I'll link my tumblr, just in case you'd like to peek through my tags for the different fandoms, but don't feel obliged to. Have fun writing, I know I'll love whatever you come up with. ♥

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