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Dear Wintersend Author

Hi there friend!

First off, many thanks for writing me this fic/drawing me this art! I appreciate it very much. I know exchanges can be both fun and stressful, but I really want this to just be fun for you. Other than my dealbreakers, please don't feel constricted or confined by anything I've written here. I've requested these characters and ships because I'm really invested in them all, in one way or another, and I'd be happy to receive fanworks for any of them. Make something that you'd enjoy yourself!

Game wise, as of writing this, I have completely played through Origins, Awakening, and II. I probably won't finish Inquisition any time soon, and so would of course prefer not to see anything about characters specific to that game!

The only protagonist that I've requested is Hawke. If you do chose that prompt, write whichever kind of Hawke you desire! But just in case you wanted to know my preferences for her personality/leanings: rogue, mostly purple, sometimes blue, pro-mage. But once again, feel free to ignore this paragraph; it's definitely not a dealbreaker or anything. :)

Okay, here are some general things for you.

General likes: (please feel free to include) friendships, friendships that develop into romance, introspection, character studies, domestic fluff, mystery, family relationships. I like future fic and modern AUs and canon divergent AUs, in the vein of 'what if so-and-so didn't die, what if this happened instead of that'. Feel free to explore any and all of your trans headcanons. I tend to enjoy cute tropey stuff like... 'undercover in a gay bar' (it would be AMAZING if you could pull this off in thedas) or 'for the sake of the mission, we must... pretend to be married!' Case-fic and mystery-fic are good fun too.

General dislikes: (please try to avoid) rape/dubcon (discussing or mentioning them is fine), character bashing, first person pov, super depressing/sad endings. I don't need out and out fluff, but I'd definitely prefer something that ends happily. If infidelity is a part of the story, I'd prefer that you didn't concentrate on it too much. I have little to no taste for dark!fic.

I'm fine with any rating. You certainly don't need to feel obligated to write porn, but if you'd like to, the closest thing I have to a bulletproof kink is light, consensual D/s. But again, don't feel obliged to include it. I'm squicked by scat/watersports, emphasis on any kind of bodily fluid, especially spit.

And here are my prompts. With each of them, I'm going to include a line of poetry, just in case you need/want a bit of extra inspiration!


cloth can burn they mutter [x]

Wynne is one of my favourite characters ever; so complex and caring and sweet and not just a grandmotherly figure; she was a real friend! And, let's be honest: I was more than a little disappointed that I couldn't romance her. I'd love to see anything Wynne centric. Her younger, sterner, rebellious, headstrong days fascinate me, as well as like, her transition into being someone that everyone looks up to and can learn from and respect. I'd love to see her mentoring a female mage, perhaps a few years after Aneirin, and learning from the girl as much as the girl learns from her. (This can be an oc, or any named mage you like!) It would also be interesting to see her interact with a templar in training, or a chantry sister. Take this wherever you like!

Also, I envisioned this as a gen prompt, but let's be real. Who could say no to Wynne femslash? NOT ME, is who.


No one is chasing you but me. [x]

I loved so many things in Dragon Age 2, and I still have to replay it and assuredly discover many more things to love, but right now, I cannot come down off of my Hawke/Isabela/Merrill high. Best romances, beat banter, best ladies... I'm especially in love with Isabela/Merrill, and how much they obviously love each other. To me, the three of them just make so much sense together! I'll take anything for this ot3, but here are some ideas: post-game, the three of them disappear together, bar fight shenanigans, the married trope, Merrill somehow saving the day... anything. Once they're looking out for one another and being cute and happy, I'll be thrilled.

If ot3s aren't your thing, I'm also partial to Hawke/Isabela and Isabela/Merrill. Just no heavy jealousy stuff, please.

Lady Elegant/Athenril

I want you to think of this/The next time I smile. [x]

I love ships where two random ladies are thrown together so: here we are. Although, this doesn't necessarily have to be shippy! Tell me about Athenril and Elegant; how they got into their respective businesses, how they met and started working together, how they survive as women in a world hostile to them. Whatever story you want to tell here, I'd be ecstatic to hear it!

Ser Cauthrien/Anora

(the dragon was teaching you to roar) [x]

I have a HUGE knight/lady kink, so when i saw this had been nommed I legit screamed, because how did I never think of this? Give me anything, honestly: how Anora earned the trust and loyalty of her father's most devoted knight, Ser Cauthrien watching Anora rule over her husband's kingdom from the sidelines and being impressed, a bodyguard-ish situation on a journey. The more knightly and courtly love tropes, the better!

(WRT to the poem, I like to think of Ser Cauthrien as the knight who became the dragon.)


I go where my blood goes. [x]

Awakening was such a good expansion, and my favourite parts by far were these two ladies. So different, but equally wonderful. I'd obviously prefer a canon where they both make it out of the game alive, but for this prompt, I also retract my preference for a happy ending. Go on and make me sad! Go for something sweet, but bitter! (Especially if you use the entirety of the poem as inspiration.) I'd love to see them getting to know each other better, visiting each other's homes and/or birthplaces, feeling the Call and heading underground to the Deep Roads one last time. ;; Fuck me up.

(Or not! Again, I love fluff, you can literally never go wrong there.)


Once again, thank you! I have a tumblr that you can peruse if you wish, but you certainly shouldn't feel obligated to. Have fun, my dear!