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Kink Preferences for Exchanges

Hi! If you matched up to me on a fic exchange and you're thinking about writing a fic with a higher rating, here are some things I like and don't like. Before you read on, please note that if you want to write porn, you don't have to write any of the below if you don't want to! Stay within your comfort zone dears. I love cutesy vanilla sex as much as the next gal. (Please do glance over my DNWs though, just in case. <3)


- D/s. This is my favourite. I like stuff that centres on the sub's (enthusiastically consenting) pov, and that is generally gentle/casual but also very firm? A little roleplaying is nice. I don't really like societal/lifestyle D/s or the use of terms like master/slave.
- Subs teaching their less-experienced partner how they like to be dommed.
- Loyalty kink worked into the mix is always good.
- Praise kink. I'm a sucker for a classic "good girl/good boy/etc".
- If penetration needs to happen, fingers are 👌. (Haha, see what I did there.)
- Crying induced by being overwhelmed/really turned on. Please not for any other reason.
- Size difference, and everything that comes with it (bending/tiptoeing to give kisses, spooning, lifting, all that good stuff).


- Rape/dubcon.
- Toilet stuff.
- Fisting.
- Emphasis on bodily fluids, especially spit. Probably best to veer away from water-soaked clothes too.
- Overly rough sex. I don't mind things getting forceful, but anything where pain is the primary focus, or where someone starts bleeding, or generally not enjoying themselves, is no bueno.