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Dear Yuletide Author

Really sorry about the locked letter friend! Early matching took me by surprise. :(

Hi! Happy yuletide season! :D

I'm [ profile] mautadite. First off, thank you so much for writing this fic for me. I hope you have a great time making it. This letter is just a series of guidelines; just try to avoid my do-not-wants and I'm sure I'll love what you write. If my prompts don't get you going, and you want to take the fic in another direction, or mix and match prompts, feel free! I've requested these fandoms and characters because I'm really invested in them all, in one way or another, and I'd be happy to receive fanworks for any of them. Make something that you'd enjoy yourself!

Okay, so here are some details for you!

General likes: (please feel free to include) friendships, friendships that develop into romance, introspection, character studies, domestic fluff, mystery, family relationships, exploration of intense loyalty. I like future fic and modern AUs and canon divergent AUs, in the vein of 'what if so-and-so didn't die, what if this happened instead of that'. Feel free to explore any and all of your trans and/or nonbinary headcanons. I'm really into character interaction, it's often my favourite part of a story, but a good plot can really get me going too! There are a bunch of tropes that I'm quite fond of, like 'separated from the group and surviving on their own', 'undercover as a couple', 'sharing a bed', 'friends to lovers'. I quite like fusion AUs, so if an idea strikes you that you can meld/combine with Pacific Rim or His Dark Materials, go for it, if that's your thing! :)

General dislikes: (please try to avoid) rape/dubcon (discussing or mentioning them is fine, especially in survival/recovery scenarios), character bashing, character death, first person pov, a/b/o, super depressing/sad endings. I don't need out and out fluff, and I do enjoy angst, but I'd definitely prefer something that ends happily or hopefully. If infidelity is a part of the story, I'd prefer that you didn't concentrate on it too much.

Other notes:

» I'm fine with any rating. You certainly don't need to feel obligated to write porn, but if you'd like to, click here!

» I tried not to be too constrictive with my prompts, but if you'd like me to expand upon them, feel free to leave me an anon comment, or go through the mods if your prefer.

» Scrolling through my tumblr and checking the tags for the different fandoms (1, 2, 3) might give you a few more ideas about what I like. But only if you want to/think it would help!

Okay, here are my fandoms! I've included some optional lyrics with each of them, just in case you need/want that dash of extra inspiration.


The Wicked + The Divine
- Laura Wilson | Persephone, Lucifer, Baal, Inanna

screaming the name of a foreigner's god [x]

Definitely one of my favourite new fandoms of the year! I'm all caught up as of writing this letter, and I'll def. be getting the new issues as soon as they come out, so don't worry about spoilers. I fell in love with each of these characters individually, but they also make up my two favourite ships!

» Luci/Laura - I am DYING to know what Luci would have made of Persephone!Laura and the current happenings. I was devastated by Luci's death, so any kind of canon divergence where she lives would be a great starting point. (Maybe she never antagonises the judge with the pretend finger-snap, so Ananke isn't given the chance to speed up the timeline on her plans? Maybe another god like Morrigan or Baphomet or poor Tara dies first? These are just suggestions; feel free to handwave your way into any 'Lucifer lives' scenario.) There would be all kinds of cool parallels (Lucifer being somewhat analogous to Hades) and with Laura no longer being the starry-eyed fangirl looking in from the outside, maybe their dynamic changes a little too. How do things change when Lucifer is alive, and how do they stay the same? If you're not looking to go in that direction, I'd also love to see Laura's insta-loyalty manifesting in interesting ways: a date with the devil and whatever that would entail, Laura and Lucifer managing to escape to Morrigan's crib and the things they do while lying low, angry/snarky making out, thank-g*d-you're-alive making out, any kind of making out.

» Baal/Inanna - It's criminally unfair that we didn't get to see more of these two in a happier time. The comic might have plans for flashback issues in the future, but in the meantime, I'd love it if you want to fill in some of those gaps. Inanna says, "I took him into the underworld. I took him everywhere." Show me some of that. Or, on one of the alternate covers, Baal is shown to have a tattoo of Inanna's symbol. Tell me the story of that tattoo. Did Inanna go with him to get it? Did Inanna do it for him? Did he get it after Inanna's death? You could also tell me about how they met and first got together! I just love everything about this ship; how intense Baal is, how hurt he was by Inanna's actions, how much of a sap Inanna is for Baal, even if he doesn't regret his actions. If you want to go really AU, it'd be very interesting to see Inanna (Zahid!) in Laura's role, as the starstruck mortal meeting the hot god.

» Gen - Take one or more of the characters and run with it! Tell the story you'd like to. Some suggestions: Gillen has confirmed that Baal was the first god to emerge; what was his life like before and what was his first meeting with Ananke like? Something tells me he wasn't super informed on the Recurrence. On the Inanna&Laura centric side, I'd like an AU where Ananke decides to kill Baphomet first at Laura's house, allowing Laura and Inanna to get away. Where do they go from there, what are the next steps that they take? Their friendship is one of my favourite things! And finally I'd be very cool with seeing any of my Laura&Lucifer prompts in a gen rather than shippy way. Laura and Lucifer having underground adventures, Lucifer and Persephone kicking ass... I'd love it all.


- Corvo Attano, The Outsider

my peace has always depended on all the ashes in my wake [x]

Such an amazing game! I loved the story, the atmosphere and especially the setting, and I'm SO into all of the characters, but especially these dudes. Some notes: I've already pre-ordered Dishonored 2, and do intend to try to play it when it comes out, but knowing my terrible laptop, that might not be possible. So try to avoid spoilers please! Also, I definitely prefer things on the lower end of the Chaos scale.

» Corvo/The Outsider - Such a great ship, so many great possibilities. I love how fascinated the Outsider is by Corvo, and I love how he gets even more fascinated and amused when Corvo takes low chaos, non-violent actions. Because Corvo was a silent protag, we didn't see much of what he thought of the Outsider in turn, but that is a gap you are most welcome to fill! Dream fic is a fave of mine. We know that the Outsider can visit Corvo in his sleep; a 5 times fic in that vein would be fun! Or even the reverse; Corvo somehow ends up in whatever passes for the Outsider's subconsciousness, and learns some interesting things. Tropey fic might be difficult to manage in this setting, but if you're willing to write it, I'd love to read it! Maybe Corvo gets stuck in the Void somehow, and he's shackled to the Outsider's presence until they figure it out. Established relationship fic would be fun; maybe something set post first game, where the Outsider is Emily's weird, supernatural sort-of-second-dad. Or anything from Corvo's POV, where he reflects on how strange it is to be in love with what amounts to a god. Finally, it could be really cool to see the Outsider take a more active role in one of Corvo's adventures. What would prompt him to do that? (Corvo's safety, perhaps, or some mysterious reason only he knows?) It'd be neat to see them working in blinking, time-stopping, rat-possessing tandem, either during the events of the game, or afterwards.

» Gen - I'd really love to read your take on the Outsider's first years as, well, the Outsider! What was it like to realise the extent and scope of his powers, how did he adjust to the Void as his home, who were the first people to receive his Mark? He was a pretty young kid; I imagine it took a while for him to even process. And becoming the Outsider had to have been a traumatic experience. I'd love anything that offers a glimpse of him when he was a bit more human (though I definitely believe that a part of his humanity is still intact, 4,000 years later). What if magical shenanigans happen to send Corvo back to that time as well? How does he get along with this version of the Outsider, and how does he get home? Or you could tell me about Corvo; what were his early days in the service of the Kaldwins like?


- Elena Fisher, Chloe Frazer, Nadine Ross

honey, you're familiar like my mirror years ago [x]

This series might not have had many women, but they each captured my heart in their own way. And it was just so much FUN!

» Chloe/Elena - The love triangle in Uncharted 2 was fairly irksome, but I ended up liking the way that it was resolved, and I loved that Elena and Chloe were on friendly terms by the end of it. The contrast between Chloe bodily helping Elena out of Shambala at the end, where she'd previously refused to do so for the camera-man... ach, my heart. Handwave Nate out of the picture and let these ladies enjoy some adventuring and kissing. I love robberies/heists; what if they meet up somewhere fancy after U2 (art gallery, diplomat's house, auction?) just before a robbery/hostage situation takes place? They manage to hide themselves and save the day (somewhere reluctantly, on Chloe's side, as she was there to steal some other thing, except way more quietly). Feelings happen long the way. Or maybe Elena finds herself caught up in one of Chloe's treasure hunts. Trap dodging and puzzle solving! I'd also be up for something cute and domestic, or as domestic as things can get when Chloe Frazer is involved.

» Nadine/Chloe - I was so upset that Chloe wasn't in U4 because I desperately want these two to meet! They have interesting commonalities (a lot of confidence and wit and strength) but they're ultimately pretty different women and I'd love to see them together, how they might complement each other. Any level of shippy interaction would be great. Again, I love the idea of a heist fic. Maybe something where Nadine and crew have been hired to guard something expensive, and Chloe has been hired to steal said expensive thing, and fighting and banter and snarking and kissing happens. I love the kind of cat-and-mouse stuff that occurs between a thief and the person in authority who tries to catch them. I also love reluctant team-ups; maybe they have to pretend to be dating for some kind of job. (Just imagine them in fancy dresses, Chloe draped on Nadine's arm. *__*) You could also do something where Chloe is somehow a part of U4; fit her into the storyline and have her interact with Nadine and the gang however you see best! (Maybe she shows up with Elena and Sully as part of the cavalry on the island?) Also, these two are a couple I'd love to see in a 'trapped!' sort of situation. Stick 'em somewhere and have them figure out how they're going to escape.

» Gen - We've already seen how Nate and Elena settle down. Show me what retirement looks like for either Nadine or Chloe (or both!). Is Nadine still on the front line of her army, giving all her enemies hell, or has she taken a more passive role in the company, waging war on a different front? I don't see her as a motherly figure, but maybe as she grows older, her men see her as their mentor. Is Chloe a silver-haired femme fatale, still hunting after the next biggest thing, or has she settled down on a private island with a mountain load of loot, books, and cute animal friends? A story that looks into their lives, maybe 20 years into the future, would just be very neat. And for Elena, gimme the reverse! Tell me about her years as a young reporter, a story she covered, a small adventure she had. If you want to throw canon out the window and feature Nadine and Chloe here in some way, I'd be delighted!


Thanks again, and have fun writing! ♥