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Dear Holly Poly Author

Hi there!

I'm [ profile] mautadite. First off, thank you so much for writing this fic for me. I hope you have a great time making it. This letter is just a series of guidelines; just try to avoid my do-not-wants and I'm sure I'll love what you write. If my prompts don't get you going, and you want to take the fic in another direction, or mix and match prompts, feel free! I've requested these fandoms and characters because I'm really invested in them all, in one way or another, and I'd be happy to receive fanworks for any of them. Make something that you'd enjoy yourself!

Okay, so here are some details for you!

General likes: (please feel free to include) friendships, friendships that develop into romance, introspection, character studies, domestic fluff, mystery, family relationships, exploration of intense loyalty. I like future fic and modern AUs and canon divergent AUs, in the vein of 'what if so-and-so didn't die, what if this happened instead of that'. Feel free to explore any and all of your trans and/or nonbinary headcanons. I'm really into character interaction, it's often my favourite part of a story, but a good plot can really get me going too! There are a bunch of tropes that I'm quite fond of, like 'separated from the group and surviving on their own', 'undercover as a couple', 'sharing a bed', 'friends to lovers'. I quite like fusion AUs, so if an idea strikes you that you can meld/combine with Pacific Rim or His Dark Materials, go for it, if that's your thing! :)

General dislikes: (please try to avoid) rape/dubcon (discussing or mentioning them is fine, especially in survival/recovery scenarios), character bashing, character death, first person pov, a/b/o, super depressing/sad endings. I don't need out and out fluff, and I do enjoy angst, but I'd definitely prefer something that ends happily or hopefully. If infidelity is a part of the story, I'd prefer that you didn't concentrate on it too much.

Other notes:

» I'm fine with any rating. You certainly don't need to feel obligated to write porn, but if you'd like to, click here!

» I tried to hit a nice balance between just enough prompts to get you going, and not so much info that it constricts you. But if you'd like me to expand upon what I have below, feel free to leave me an anon comment/send me questions through the mods.

» Scrolling through my tumblr and checking the tags for the different fandoms (1, 2, 3) might give you a few more ideas about what I like. But only if you want to/think it would help!

Okay, here are my fandoms! I've included some optional lyrics with each of them, just in case you need/want that dash of extra inspiration.


- Brick/Lilith/Mordecai/Roland

down these jagged streets and into my bed [x]

One of my newest game fandoms! I've made it through BL1 and BL2, but haven't yet touched the Pre-Sequel or TFTBL. Please avoid spoilers. <3

» Brick/Lilith/Mordecai/Roland - Fix-it fic! Please! Roland's death made no sense to me (um, New-U stations, anyone?) and was needlessly dramatic and bad-writing overall. So maybe something where the New-U station just spits out Roland really belatedly, and then there's happy reunions and hugs and kisses all around. How do they navigate their relationship. Was it that Roland/Lilith and Brick/Mordy came together, or did the four of them make a quartet all at once. What about their first meeting? What was it like, learning to work together to survive Pandora? This is such a fun game and setting, and I'd love to see fun tropes and how they'd play out: pretending to me a couple (quartet!), handcuffed together, huddling for warmth, etc. And modern AUs are always great!


Dragon Age 2
- Female Hawke/Isabela/Merrill, Anders/Fenris/Male Hawke

i won't be satisfied 'til i'm under your skin [x]

I loved this game and I love all my companions, these are the ot3s of my heart. I'm fine with both default Hawkes, but I definitely won't complain if you want to write a custom champion. These definitely aren't deal-breakers, but if you'd like to know my general Hawke preferences, here they are: rogue, mostly purple, sometimes blue, pro-mage. And finally, I haven't played Inquisition yet, so please no spoilers! <3

» Female Hawke/Isabela/Merrill - Ugh, I'm a huge romantic sap, and this ship gives me the excuse to indulge that, because they all love watch other soooo much!! Some ideas: A/B have hooked up, C feels left out because she's falling hard for both of them, meanwhile A/B are trying hard to think of ways to invite her into the fold. Post game shenanigans, adventures in the Free Marches, bar fight shenanigans, the married trope, Merrill somehow saving the day, Isabela leading them on a treasure hunt, Hawke revisiting Lothering and her gfs tagging along, random cuddling and making out... Once they're looking out for one another and being cute and happy, I'll be thrilled.

» Anders/Fenris/Male Hawke - Hands down some of my favourite video game dudes ever. Some things I'd love to see: Anders and Fenris working together to get Hawke our of a sticky situation, the three of them trapped/isolated from the rest of the party and having to work their way back home, Anders and Fenris saving each other's lives. I'm definitely interested in seeing the Fenris/Anders rivalry and however you chose to write about it/around it/resolve it, but don't feel obligated to make it the main point of the fic. I also love post-game scenarios. What adventures and scrapes do they get into after Kirkwall? I'd love to see them all tackling injustices of some sort. What are these three like when they get old and grey?


Marvel Cinematic Universe
- James "Bucky" Barnes/Steve Rogers/Sam Wilson, James "Bucky" Barnes/Steve Rogers/T'Challa/Sam Wilson

steal some covers, share some skin [x]

The Captain America movies were on the ones to really get me into this franchise, and god, am I ever glad that I watched them. All my superhero kiddos. ;;

» Bucky/Steve/Sam - NEVER ENOUGH ROAD TRIP FICS IMO!! Whether set during Civil War, or some time in the future. Just three dudes, one car, and a lot of time to get to know each other and fall in love. This trio in particular is one that is BURSTING with potential for romcom tropes. Stick 'em with a baby that they have to take care of! They somehow come into ownership of a bakery! Sam can suddenly talk to birds and they help him shack up with his best friends! Comical misunderstandings! (In the vein of, Sam thinks Bucky/Steve is a thing, Bucky thinks Sam/Steve is a thing, Steve thinks Sam/Bucky is a thing... they're all wrong, but there's the potential to make it SO RIGHT.) For less silly prompts... Hurt/comfort. Sam and Steve help Bucky come down after a nightmare. The synergy of their triad in battle. Bucky and Sam on a mission to save Steve.

» Bucky/Steve/T'Challa/Sam - For this, I'd really enjoy seeing how they all work together. Maybe we can see a conflict taking them to an unfamiliar place, where they have to adapt and stick together to survive. Again, I'd love to see how they use their talents/powers in tandem! Other ideas: Sam and Steve are together while Bucky and T'Challa are together; one night a double date turns into something more. Or, T'Challa tries to woo Bucky or Sam, and then discovers that the man in question already has two boyfriends (but won't say no to another one). I'd also LOVE to see this with Steve as the wooer. (General side-note: please no 'T'Challa makes them all princes/gives them free reign of Wakanda/stuff like that.)


Thanks again, and have fun writing! ♥